4 Best Options Of Air Fryer To Enjoy Your Favourite Recipes Guilt-Free


Let’s together agree, we all love deep fried, crunchy and crispy food. From hot and crispy pakoras and chicken wings to classic french fries, these crispy delicacies are simply irresistible. However, consuming these deep-fried recipes everyday can be really harmful. And that’s where Air fryer comes to the rescue. It can bake, grill and roast your favourite recipes with just a few drops of oil. And the best part is that it offers the same crunch and crisp to the recipes just like deep frying, so that you can savour your food without any guilt.

So, if you are planning to buy an air-fryer for your daily use then fret not, we have got you covered! Here’s a list of 4 best air-fryer options to choose from.

1. Solara Digital Air-Fryer

This air fryer comes with a LCD touch screen with 7 presets and 1 extra-large ceramic coated basket which makes it perfect to prepare food for a nuclear family. From making chicken tikkas and drumsticks to decadent desserts, this air-fryer does it all.

41M3HTS9FiL. SL160

25% off

2. Nutricook by Nutribullet Air-fryer

Cute and compact, this air-fryer by the brand Nutricook features a stainless steel body with a non-stick coated basket. Besides, it comes with 10 one-touch presets making it ideal to prepare a variety of food without any hassle.

25% off

3. Phillips HD9218 Daily Collection Air Fryer

A popular brand, this appliance by Phillips features rapid air technology ( uses 90% less fat) as compared to other devices. In addition, it comes with 220-240 volts with an auto-off button to avoid food from burning. From grilling, toasting, baking and frying, this versatile air-fryer does it all.

23% off

4. Inalsa Air Fryer

This appliance by the brand Inalsa offers 1400 watt of power with a rotatable temperature selection knob so that you can adjust the time and temperature according to your preference. It also has an auto-off button that provides protection against overheating.

41Q02Oik26L. SL160

33% off

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