5 Baking Tool Sets To Make Perfect Cakes At Home


Baking can quite a challenging job, especially if you are a starter. Moulding, mixing and designing and more – there’re so many steps involved in the process of baking the perfect cake. Isn’t it? While techniques and skill can be achieved with time and practice, what can help us to start off with is a set of baking tools. Right kind of equipment helps us up the game without much hassle. So, if you are thinking of baking a cake at home, get hold of some must-have baking equipment and get going.

Here’re 5 Amazing Baking Set Options For You:

1. Xaxton Cake Baking Tool Set

This combo set features a revolving stainless steel bearing cake table, flexible icing spatula and 12 decorating nozzles that not only helps us create 12 different patterns but also helps in creating beautiful borders. From making extravagant party cakes and desserts to tiny muffins, this set can do it all.

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66% off

2. Bulfyss Cake Baking And Decoration Tools

All in one set! This combo set comes with 51 complete baking and decorating tools with a kitchen scale that will give you accurate weight every single time. Not only that! This set also has 23 nozzles, 1 coupler and 1 reusable silicone icing bag, making it ideal to bake cake like a pro.

56% off

3. DEETTO Cake Combo Set

Here’s another all-in-one set for you. This set by the DEETTO comes with 8 measuring cups and spoons, which helps in getting the idea of exact quantity of ingredients required to bake the cake. Besides, it also contains a silicone spatula and a brush set for baking and decorating the cake.

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37% off

4. FameX Round Shape Baking Tin

If you are someone who loves tier cake designs, then this set of three different sized baking moulds can be the right choice for you. In addition, these moulds have non-stick base and quick release side clips that helps you transfer, bake and serve your cake with ease.

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26% off

5. HSR Cake Decorating Supplies Kit

A perfect option for both beginners and professional bakers! This combo set features 60 baking tools including one rotatable table stand, 24 icing tips, 2 silicon bags, 3 decorating combs, 2 flexible icing spatula and much more. Try it to make the perfect cake without any hassle.

51S4RqRL38S. SL160

64% off

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