5 Best Basmati Rice Options To Put Together A Wholesome Meal


Rice is staple for most of us. It is healthy, wholesome and can be paired with dal, sabzi, curry and more. Besides, it is versatile to the core. From simple steamed rice to pulao and biryani – we prepare an extensive range of yummy recipes using rice. But did you know, there are thousands of rice varieties across the globe? Every variety has its own unique taste, texture and flavour. For instance, basmati rice. It is a long-grained rice variety that has a distinctive nutty taste and fluffy texture – making it ideal for everyday use.

Considering this, we bring you a list of 5 best basmati rice options that might help you make a wise choice while restocking your pantry. Read on.

1. Fortune Rozana Basmati Rice

This pack of basmati rice by Fortune is ideal for everyday cooking. It has premium quality white grains that does not break while cooking. From pulao to biryani, you can cook anything with this packet of rice.

51XlotRie7L. SL160

6% off

2. Daawat Rozana Super Basmati Rice

Deemed to provide fluffy and separate grains, this pack of rice is a mix of full and up to half broken rice. You can any day opt for this rice to make kheer, khichdi and other sweet and savoury dishes.

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3. Kohinoor Super Silver Basmati Rice

This natural and aromatic pack of basmati rice has extra-long processed and graded grains. In addition, its authentic taste and texture can transform every rice dish into a delightful experience. Try it today!

51pui35yf2L. SL160

42% off

4. Tilda Everyday Basmati Rice

Comes in four different variants- pure basmati, premium basmati, extra long basmati and everyday basmati rice. Besides, this particular versatile rice pack is perfect to prepare different rice-based recipes -biryani, stir fry rice, pulao and more.

51CtQ jDJ1L. SL160

30% off

5. Punjabi Riceland XXXL Basmati Rice

This combo set features two packets of extra-long premium rice. This rice has a delicate aroma and sweet taste which makes it ideal to prepare rich and flavourful biryani.

518y0Tib86S. SL160

65% off

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