5 Delicious and Unique Keema Recipes That Are A Must-Try


Keema, also known as minced mutton, is considered a delicacy by all non-vegetarians. The grandest and innovative dishes are prepared using keema, therefore it has a regal essence to it. Most of the special kebabs of Lucknow are made using keema! That’s how exceptional keema is. Even non-vegetarians who don’t necessarily enjoy mutton relish mutton keema, because the texture of the meat is smooth and it melts in your mouth. Keema is truly a wonderful dish to have and we have found 5 unique recipes that will make you fall in love with keema all over again!

Here are 5 Unique Keema Recipes That Are a Must-Try!

Dum Ke Laoz with Adrak Chutney

Dum Ke Laoz is a decadent preparation of keema that has multiple delicious layers. This dish is the Indian variation of lasagna. Dum Ke Laoz has a hidden surprise(egg) within the meaty layer. It is prepared by placing the keema on the baking dish, then eggs are layered on top of it, and finally, another layer of keema is placed on top of the eggs.

Click here for the full recipe of Dum Ke Laoz with Adrak Chutney.


Enjoy Chapli kebab with raw onions.

Chapli Kebab

Keema is known for the preparation of kebabs and this chapli kebab recipe will make the best mouth-melting kebabs you have ever had. It is a pashtuni style of kebab recipe that is native to Peshwar, but is popular in all of India!

Click here for the full recipe of Chapli Kebab.

Noodle Keema Donut

We all love non-veg noodles, whether it may be in the form of chow-mein, pad thai or chop suey. But what if we told you a way to make a doughnut out of it? That’s exactly what this savoury doughnut recipe is!

Click here for the full recipe of Noodle Keema Doughnut.

Potato Chips with Keema

Another crossover of two things people, love chips and keema! Potato chips and keema is exactly what it sounds like, this recipe helps you make potato chips that have a keema stuffing in the centre. It is a great evening snack and people will love eating it.

Click here for the full recipe of Potato Chips with Keema.


Have keema samosa with green chutney.

Keema Samosa

“Chai-samosa toh lao!” Is a phrase we all have heard frequently in our households. Samosas are the staple snack of Indians and every occasion is incomplete without them. Although samosas are usually filled with aloo, we have found a way to make this snack juicier by filling it with keema. This keema samosa is an upgrade to your normal samosa and is just lip-smacking good!

Click here for the full recipe of Keema Samosa.

Try these recipes and let us know how you like it.

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