5 Healthy Cookies And Biscuits To Have With Your Tea Or Coffee


A steaming cup of tea or coffee is best enjoyed when paired with some tea-time snacks. Chips, sev, cookies etc are hard to resist! Aren’t they? However, eating these fried snacks everyday might not be good for your health. Which is why we prefer resorting to tea-time snacks that are baked and healthier. For instance, we prefer substituting regular chips with baked nachni chips and regular cookies with the healthy ones. Here’ we have also shortlisted a few healthy cookies and biscuits that make tea-time snacking a guilt-free affair. Read on.

5 Healthy Cookies And Biscuits Options:

1. Hey Grain Ragi Gluten Free Cookies

Made with premium quality ragi, butter and milk, this pack of cookies is ideal for the one who prefers gluten-free snacks. In addition, it is a perfect combination of both health and taste.

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20% off

2. Sunfeast Farmlite Active Oats With Almonds Biscuits

Made with wheat flour, oats, palm sugar and almonds, this pack of biscuits by Sunfeast is perfect for both dieters and non-dieters. Besides, it is also a good source of protein and fibre. Try it today!


3. Nourish Organics Ginger Oats Cookies

Made with crunchy mix of fibre-rich oats, zesty ginger, along with power packed nuts and seeds, this pack of cookies can be a perfect accompaniment for your tea or coffee. You can also pair it with a glass of milk and enjoy a wholesome breakfast in just a few minutes.

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9% off

4. Early Food Assorted Cookies

We have found another healthy and delicious option for you. It is a pack of assorted cookies that comes in four different flavours – dry fruits & seeds , ragi & chocolate, amarnath and multigrain millets – each pack contains 17-19 cookies.

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5. RiteBite Max Protein Cookies

Here’s another pack of assorted cookies for you. It comes in three different flavours – nuts and seeds, choco chips, and oats and raisins. In addition, it is made with oats, ragi, quinoa, sattu, amaranth and corn, that makes you full and helps curb your cravings in no time.

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10% off

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