7 Lip-Smacking Veg Burger Recipes And Its Not All About Potatoes


Burgers don’t have to be always stuffed with chicken or lamb. You know that. But, did you know that a veg burger need not be stuffed with the same aloo patty every time? The aloo patty is only one choice among an array of other fillers for a veg burger. And, hear us, each one of these alternatives tastes as juicy and delicious. Added bonus? Some can be a healthier treat as well. The recipes we bring to you in this list can take anywhere between 20 minutes to an hour to cook, depending on whether you choose cooked beans or corn or the frozen aloo patty from the refrigerator. Now that we are done with the preliminaries, let’s jump into the recipes straight away.

1. Aloo Patty Burger

Make the patties in your kitchen to give them a tasty boost. Mash boiled potatoes and peas with sautéed and spiced beans, carrots and cauliflower. Dust with flour and fry. Slip them between the buns for a classic treat.


The classic veg patty burger is a delicious meal choice

2. Black Bean Burger

Soaking and boiling black beans takes time. But it’s quick thereafter. Mash the beans with boiled arbi, corn, red bell pepper, butter and spices. Make the patties, fry and have it with burger buns. The flavours and texture will linger in your mouth.

3. Pulled BBQ Jackfruit Slider

You don’t have to miss BBQ pulled pork burgers. This jackfruit burger recipe can do wonders in your mouth. With fried onions, Tabasco sauce and tomato puree in one dish, you can’t help but devour these burgers.

4. Idli Burger

This burger can satiate our cravings for South Indian dishes. Use fried idli pieces, vegetables and chutney for the cutlet. You can’t miss this one.


Enjoy this south-indian style burger with idlis

5. Lentil Mushroom Burger

This is a healthy platter so that your mom won’t complain about unhealthy burgers anymore. You need button mushrooms, lentils, tomatoes and olive oil for the patty. Assemble it with Iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and caramelised onions.

6. Tofu Burger

Another healthy option is to make the patty with tofu, vegetables and soy sauce. Roasted nuts and tahini paste can up the game for a yummy snack.

7. Potato Corn Burger

This uses a potato patty with a twist. Mash the potatoes with corn, onions, celery and leeks. Add milk and cheese. The chest treat is a good alternative to regular aloo patties for burgers.


The combination of potato and corn feel great in the burger patty

Which one of these will you be making today? let us know in the comments below.

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