7 Monsoon-Special Street Food Recipes That You Can Make At Home


I think we can all agree that one of the prominent memories we have of monsoon is devouring a piping hot plate of pakodas on the street while you are almost drenched in the pouring rain, and wow did those pakodas taste good! The street food in India is fiery, crispy and an explosion of flavour in every single bite and the monsoon season is the perfect setup to truly enjoy them. In simple words, Indian street food is irresistible, and we are having a really hard time having to do without them in our lives. But the good news is that we can easily make these street foods at home and enjoy our monsoons as we want to.

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Here is a list of the most loved street foods which you can easily make at home and is going to give you just the street feeling that you crave for:

1. Pakoda/pyaazi :

What better to start this list than pakodas? Chai, pakodas and monsoon go hand-in-hand and feels like a match made in heaven. Making pakodas requires minimum effort and besides you can use a variety of goods to make them, aloo, vegetable, and pyaaz are just some of the most common ones found on the street. For a great chai-pakoda experience, click here.


Pyaaz ke pakode or pyaazi is a delicious street snack famous all over the country

2. Aloo Chana chaat :

A beautiful combination of aloo chaat and channa chaat put together, this is a rather healthier street food that you can try making at home. The spices like cumin, aamchur, and ginger give it an edge while the toppings of chopped onions, chilies and coriander give it a freshness that makes every single bite a perfect combination. To make this snack easily at home, click here.

3. Kachori :

Kachori is a quintessential Indian snack, no matter which season we are in. It is one of the first things that we pack as soon as we reach our favourite street shop and it is widely loved by everyone. To make a great street-style kachori, click here.

4. Bhutta :

The smoky aroma of the roasted bhutta is what makes you stop and buy these from a street vendor every monsoon. Now you don’t have to go searching for them in the streets as you can easily replicate the street feel with this quick recipe here.


Corn has nutritional benefits and is also delicious

5. Momo :

When we say momos are the true monsoon food, we are not kidding. They are steaming hot, paired with a fiery chutney, and come with a bowl of flavourful soup, what else can anyone need for a happy tummy? What makes it a crowd favourite is that it tastes as good with chicken as it does with cabbages. Learn how to make those street-style momos, read the recipe here.

6. Bread pakoda :

While you may argue that bread pakodas taste great in any season, you will surely agree that bread pakodas in monsoon taste just divine. Bread pakodas have become one of our go-to snacks when we are out, and a perfect accompaniment for tea at home too. But if you are still lacking that street taste, give this recipe a read.

bread pakoda

Bread pakodas taste the best with tea

7. Mong dal pakoda/ram ladoo :

We cannot imagine completing this list without one of the most-loved street food snacks which is also the easiest of them all, moong dal pakoda/ram ladoo. These bite-sized snacks are perfect for munching, light on the stomach and taste the best with some radish and mint chutney on the sides. So if you want to bring the flavours of the north-Indian streets to your home, read the recipe here.

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There you have it, some of the most loved monsoon snacks that you can easily make in the safety of your own kitchen with the added deliciousness of the streets. Let us know which is the recipe that you cannot wait to try in the comments below.

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