All About Actor Ravi Dubeys 30-Day Weight Loss Diet With No Supplements


Actor-producer Ravi Dubey is a well-known name in the Indian television industry. Apart from acting in shows like ‘Jamai Raja’, he has also been the host for shows such as ‘India’s Dancing Superstar’. Married to actress Sargun Mehta since 2013, he regularly shares snippets from his life for his 2.9 million followers. Recently, Ravi Dubey’s fans were shocked to see his 30-day transformation which he shared on Instagram. “One Month transformation without supplements or protein shakes,” he wrote in the caption. Take a look:

In the caption, Ravi Dubey explained that he had an unplanned shoot schedule which required him to be leaner after having recovered from Covid. He had gained about 10kgs weight after being Covid positive and being in Punjab. Thus, he incorporated some changes into his diet plan, and started following a calorie deficit diet with lots of weight training and cardio-based exercise. “With less than 20 days in hand I immediately integrated an hour and a half of weight training in the morning and 10km jog in the evening in my otherwise 12-hour shifts this, of course, was clubbed a calorie deficit diet… considering the amount of cardio, no supplements not even protein shakes one was expecting to lose muscle, I am happy to have retained some,” he said in his post.

Thus, Ravi Dubey followed a calorie deficit diet without taking any weight loss supplements or protein shakes to undergo this 30-day transformation. He further thanked his fitness trainers who helped him achieve his goals, which he would now be making into a lifestyle. “Now that I’ve managed a no-supplement transformation in a month I intend to make this a lifestyle i feel eating organic in moderate quantities along with exercise and over all discipline is the most sustainable way of being fit in the long run,” wrote Ravi Dubey in his Instagram post. He further cited Akshay Kumar and Milind Soman as people who are live ‘examples’ of this.

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Calorie deficit diet is the plan that actor Ravi Dubey followed. 

The calorie deficit diet is one of the most common approaches to weight loss. Basically, it involves creating a deficit between the number of calories consumed and the number of calories burnt in order to induce weight loss. The rationale is that every person requires a certain number of calories in a day as per their activity levels. This is based on several factors such as age, height and gender and targeted weight loss. Thus, the calories are cut back in the diet by reducing portion size, and simultaneously, physical activity is increased to lose weight in a healthy way.

According to consultant nutritionist Rupali Dutta, “Calorie deficit diet is not a crash diet. When it’s well-planned, it prevents malnutrition as it takes care of all the nutrient-rich foods. It can be safely used for weight loss in people such as diabetics, or pre-diabetics or those with PCOD.” However, Dutta suggests that the goal-setting for such a diet is important and results are not immediate. “People must understand their portion sizes and their weight loss plan thoroughly. It’s not going to make them lose 10 kgs in two weeks,” said Dutta.

Thus, it is always recommended to consult a dietitian or nutritionist before embarking on any such diet. Do not undertake any drastic changes to your diet without the advice of a qualified expert.

Disclaimer: This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. NDTV does not claim responsibility for this information.

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