Aloo Papdi To Stuffed Chicken Sausage, You Can Make These 7 Delicious Nibbles In 10 Minutes


Work from home may be as challenging as working from the office, but the freedom that it allows us to dabble in other activities side by side is undeniable. Whether it is the need to watch sports on the side or to simply sit down with a cup of coffee and recharge our brain, we all have our own definition of downtime. For foodies, however, a break in between work means making a quick trip to the kitchen and whipping up a snack to get through the day. But do you find yourself spending more time cooking than you had intended?

Fret not, we have 7 interesting snack ideas that you can put together in 10 minutes flat!

1) Bread Pops

Good old bread is a blessing on the platter, and it’s even better when deep-fried. Bread crumbs, mashed potatoes, chopped onions, besan and spices are all that you need to prepare this snack.

2) Churumuri

This south Indian street food is similar to bhel puri and takes little time. Puffed rice, onions, chillies, tomatoes, and roasted peanuts can be topped with ghee, sev or boondi to elevate the taste.


This south Indian street food is similar to bhel puri

3) Choco Sandwich Doughnuts

This one’s a mouthful. But making it is quick and fuss-free. Make a sandwich with chocolate or peanut butter spread. Then prepare a batter with maida, sugar, milk powder, baking powder and milk. Dip the sandwiches in the batter and fry.

4) Aloo Papdi

Indians love potatoes, period! In case you don’t have the time to step out for street food, you can rustle up the flavours at home. Apart from potatoes, this dish requires maida, besan, sooji, and a few spices. Roll them together and fry. Serve it with a garnishing of onions and tomatoes or have it with chutney.


Indians love potatoes

5) Stuffed Chicken Sausage

Thought you couldn’t have a good dish of chicken unless you spent 30 minutes on it? This dish is as quick as making instant noodles. Stuff a mix of cheese, herbs and chillies in half-cut sausages and fry. It’s perfect if you have guests suddenly knocking at your door.

6) Spicy Idli

Got left-over idli in your refrigerator? Bring them out, add them to a sizzling pan of curry leaves, mustard seeds and chillies. You can drizzle it with the sauce of your choice.


Make this easy and delicious idlis

7) Butter Garlic Prawns

Don’t be sceptical. Put the pan on the flame and 5 minutes later feel the juicy prawns with the punch of garlic.

Try these quick recipes and let us know how the food tasted. We are sure you won’t be disappointed.

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