Are Whole Foods Actually Better Than Processed Food? Pics Explain Why


We have often heard that whole foods are better for health than processed foods. Dietitians and experts recommend eating natural produce and including more of it in the diet. Although this is a well-known fact, we don’t think twice before bingeing on a burger or a bag of chips. Author and podcast host Max Lugavare took to Instagram to clarify the difference between eating processed food versus whole foods. Even though the two may have the same number of calories, eating whole foods is always a better choice. Lugavare shared a series of images which proved this very fact, and they will blow your mind. Take a look:

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The images were from another Instagram blogger, @meowmeix, also known for busting myths related to health and nutrition. They received 6.3k likes and counting. “The power of switching your diet to more whole foods and fewer processed foods. Swipe to see 3 other examples,” read the caption to the post.

In the photos, we could see a comparision between high calorie processed foods and lower calorie whole foods. For example, a single muffin as a ‘last minute snack’ would give 520 calories but just 6 grams of protein. And if the snacks were planned ahead and whole foods such as vegetables, eggs, fruits and yogurt, the amount of protein would go up to 40 grams! Similar comparisons were made with burgers, cola drinks, burrito wrap and French fries.

Didn’t these images blow your mind? This was not all that we saw on Max Lugavare’s Instagram handle. The author had shared plenty of images including healthy swaps to make in your diet. Take a look:

What did you think of the interesting images? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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