Bakri-Eid 2021: Elevate Your Eid Feast With A Complete 5-Course Meal Plan (Recipes Inside)


Bakri-Eid is one of the most important Islamic festivals and a true celebration of food and the importance of sharing that food. If you didn’t know, the mutton sacrificed on this day is distributed in three parts – for family, for friends and for the poor. Some of our first memories of this festival may be receiving heaps of biryani from our friends or getting lost in the flavours of an Eid dinner at relatives. All those past indulgences have now made Bakri-Eid synonymous to Biryanis, Sheer kurmas, decadent mutton curries and all things delicious. And it is only fair to crave those same things around this time of the year, and we got to searching and found just the list that you are looking for.

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So if you are missing those luscious meals and are hosting a Bakri-Eid feast or just want to treat yourself and don’t know where to start, let us help you a bit. Here is a list of 5 dishes which can make a complete 5-course meal with attached recipes. Now all you need to do is gear up and start cooking this exceptionally delicious feast.

Bakri-Eid 2021: Complete 5-Course Meal Plan For Eid Celebrations:

1. Kakori Kebabs

What better to start off the celebrations than these easy and flavourful kebabs? Made in a short time, all they require is minced mutton, raw papaya cubes, masalas like jeera, dhaniya, black pepper powder and ghee for brushing in the end. Read the full recipe here.


Kakori kebab is a delicious mutton kebab drenched in the flavours of ghee.

2. Nihari mutton curry

Next on the menu is an all-time favourite mutton curry without which no Eid celebration could ever be complete. Sure this slow-cooked delicacy takes time, but the results are off the roof juicy flavourful meaty chunks that are great to be devoured with roti, rice, or biryani. Read the full recipe here.

3. Mutton Biryani

We are talking about a feast of mutton, and we wouldn’t include the mutton biryani? That’s impossible. But this is not just any mutton biryani, it’s a royal Awadhi-style biryani which is so easy to make yet so luxurious. Read the full recipe here.


Awadhi Biryani is a rich, aromatic and flavourful biryani

4. Baida roti

If we are taking the royal route, why stop at just biryani? Why not include a roti which is as rich as it gets? Like the Baida roti. Baida roti is a shallow fried roti with eggs or chicken stuffing inside which makes for a great snack on its own but even better paired with your favorite mutton curries. Read the recipe here.

5. Sheer Khurma

As predictable as it sounds, there is nothing that can beat a good sheer kurma after the heavenly meal that you just devoured. Eid is never complete without this creamy dessert and the best part is that it is quite easy to make. Read on the full recipe here.


Sheer kurma is a must-have dessert when it come to Eid celebrations

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So, there you have it, a complete 5-course meal which will take you on a flavourful journey and leave you wanting for more. We hope your Eid celebrations are elevated with these recipes and that you enjoy them with friends and family.

Bakri-Eid 2021, Mubarak!

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