Bored Of Your Regular Phulkas? Give Them A Colorful Twist With Celebrity Chef Saransh Goilas Recipe


We all know that phulkas are quintessential part of Indian cuisine. Without a doubt, we all have learned to make them while helping our mothers in the kitchen. Even though we make it in all different shapes and sizes, they have become comfort food for us. Any meal without a roti is incomplete. We all are familiar with that round, whitish looking phulkas, but have you ever seen colourful ones? If not, then hold on to your seats because celebrity chef Saransh Goila is back with another one of his recipes, and this time, he gives our comfort food a colourful twist!

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Phulka, chappati or a roti, whatever the name be, the sentiment for the dish is always the same. Bringing back his childhood memory, Chef Saransh Goila posted an Instagram reel of him making colourful phulkas. Take a look at his post:

In his post, Chef Goila wrote, “As a kid, I would trouble my mom to make colourful chapatis or star shaped ones. She’d find quirky ways to feed me beetroot and spinach and other sabzis” He also added that these cute phulkas could be turned into tacos or canapes!”

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Here’s How To Make Colourful Phulkas:

To make these phulkas, you need to boil spinach and beetroot and blend them separately after blending kneed two separate doughs with both spinach and beetroot puree. Then simply roll out your phulkas and cook them on your tawas!

Make these colourful phulkas today and let us know how you liked it!

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