“Brought Tears To My Eyes”: Yearning For Homely Food, Heres What Parineeti Chopra Fell For In London


If you’ve ever been away from home, you know what homesickness feels like. You miss your family, your comfort zone and, not to forget, homemade food. The aroma of a simple dal-roti-rice would often linger at the back of your mind. And the instant you see the all-too-well-known platter, you would leap at it. Parineeti Chopra’s reaction to seeing Indian food after almost four months in London has got us a similar reaction. She couldn’t help but drop a bundle of photos on Instagram from her time at an Indian restaurant there that made her “feel like I was home”.

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In the photos, we see Parineeti gorging on a spread of saffron-hued pulao or biriyani, golden and crisp tandoor-baked naans, savoury vegetable curries, a tempting bowl of paneer butter masala and a bowl of pomegranate raita. Parineeti is radiating with joy while taking a spoonful of the rice. Sometimes, she is too entranced by the food to even think of posing. The caption spoke of the tonnes of emotions in the foodie’s heart. Parineeti wrote, “I haven’t been to India since March and a simple [platter of] dal, roti and rice brought tears to my eyes last night.”

She also thanked the restaurant “for making me feel like I was home”, and added, “You realise the importance of anything when you’re away from it.”

Parineeti also uploaded a few photos on Instagram Stories and captioned one of them, “Not an ad. But when people from our home make us feel at home, you got to spread the love.”


Instagram story by Parineeti Chopra

Parineeti gives her heart out to the food she eats, and we know it from her updates. A post from June shows her smiling contently and leaning over her food. She wrote in the caption, “Hug your food.”

The foodie in her helps her come up with quirky metaphors too. Guess what she compared an award to? A tall, black and hot cup of coffee. We get the comparison.

Parineeti never hides her love for food. While she posts photos of herself munching on cookies and slurping her cup of coffee, she doesn’t forget to add a flavourful caption to it. In a post from January, where she’s happily munching on a cookie, she wrote, “First thing you do when you reach home — eat.”

We think Parineeti’s mouth-watering food adventures are worth savouring. What has been your favourite gastronomic adventure in a foreign land? Tell us in the comments below.

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