cbse 10th result: Defer CBSE result preparation process or make it hundred percent virtual: Pvt school management to Board


AMRITSAR: The private school management here has suggested the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) either defer the process of preparation of class X results or allow them to make the hundred percent virtual teams amid the rise in cases of Covid 19 in the nation.

While stating that the suggestions given by the CBSE for the constitution of Result Committee (RC) were risky due to the prevailing coronavirus pandemic, Sahiljit Singh Sandhu, Chairman, Spring Dale Educational Society told TOI on Wednesday that the nation was facing a health crisis and lockdown had been put in place so it was not one easy process to form the RC. Besides, Sahil said there could be other operational issues like the schools had to be physically open and would also require their staff and IT teams to provide documents required by CBSE. “Instead the CBSE should allow the schools to form hundred percent virtual committees which is the need of the hour” opined Sahil.

In the recent past, the CBSE had released the objective criterion, the process for the preparation of class X results of CBSE, the result of which would be declared on June 20. For this purpose, the schools have been directed to constitute RC’s consisting of seven teachers including two teachers from the neighbouring school as the external members of the RC, the principal would serve as the 8th member of the RC monitoring the overall process.


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Echoing with Sahil, Vijay Mehra, chairperson, The Senior Study opined that forming virtual committees would be a better option than postponing the results. “There is a need to finalise and declare the results as soon as possible so the best way to safely conduct the whole process is to go virtual, “ he said. He said all the teachers were aware of the process and there wasn’t anything specific to discuss physically except for the signatures but that could also be replaced by the digital signature, he opined.

To add, Sahil said that many teachers across the nation had already been tested Covid positive and the process of formation of RC and physical meetings would be a trauma for the teaching community. The National Independent Schools Alliance (NISA) had already appraised their concerns to the Chairman, CBSE.

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