CBSE 12th Results 2021: Students and schools await evaluation criteria


NEW DELHI: As the Central Board of Secondary Education works out the criteria for assessing Class XII students without a final exam, the biggest concern is about ensuring fairness in the eventual marks. Amid differing views on the assessment process, there is a consensus on moderation to prevent marks being inflated and the need not to give equivalence to online and offline pre-board exams while computing scores.

There is also a clear division between parents and principals on whether the Class X board exam scores should be part of the Class XII assessment. Rajpal Singh, principal, Rajkiya Pratibha Vikas Vidyalaya, Surajmal Vihar, believes strongly in giving weightage to the classes X, XI and XII results. “Going only by the assessment in Class XII will not be fair because children mostly attended online classes and were in an environment where they might not have performed to full potential. For their emotional and mental well-being, the difference in performance can be evened out by their Class X board results,” reasoned Singh.

Ashutosh Bhardwaj, a parent and a teacher at Delhi University, agreed with Singh. “I think that the Class X result should be included given that the assessment should reflect the consistency of a student’s performance in 12 years of schooling. Besides, Class X is a public exam,” said Bhardwaj.


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However, Suruchi Gandhi, principal, Bal Bharti School, Dwarka, countered, “Class X is very basic and the argument that it is a public exam so should be a factor in the Class XII assessment makes no sense. I think the Class XI annual performance and the assessment of the entire Class XII year should be considered because these cover the more specialised course and subjects opted for by the students.” Khurram Nayab, whose daughter studies in Delhi Public School, offered another solution: the average of the marks obtained in classes IX, X, XI and the Class XII pre-board scores.

However, there is some uncertainty because some schools held online pre-board exams, others, including most government school, offline. Singh’s suggestion: “The moderation system that CBSE implements for Class X can be replicated here. So, the schools take the average of the best performance of one of the last three years. This way, schools will also remain unable to inflate marks.” However, this criterion has been challenged in Delhi High court.

Whatever the method chosen, speed is essential. As Rajiv Bansal, director (Operations), Global Indian International School, said, “Top notch institutions across the globe have a very comprehensive approach to evaluation and offer admissions based on a competitive exam, group discussions and personal interview where the relevance of Class XII is just as a qualifying mark.”

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