Chef Saransh Goila Tells Us The Secret To Chopping Onions Without Crying


So many chefs and cooking enthusiasts simply can’t do without the kick that onions add to their dishes. And yet chopping an onion has always been a guaranteed way to send our tear ducts running on overdrive. No more stifling the waterworks and wiping tears in the kitchen, because celebrity chef Saransh Goila has come up with a hack that is absolutely sure to change the way you cut your onions forever. His latest Instagram Reels titled “Chopping Onion Without Crying (The Hack That Works)” is grabbing all the likes and saves. And why not, because in all of 20 seconds he manages to make us giggle as well as take notes of his genius solution to an everlasting problem. Watch the video here:

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In the caption, Chef Goila confirms that this is the method that keeps professionals like him going in the kitchen, especially when they have to chop around a hundred kilograms of onions in a day. However, Chef Goila also adds the disclaimer that the hack might not be foolproof, but that this is simply what he prefers to do.

What is the hack you ask? This is what Chef Goila does in his Instagram Reels. He suggests keeping the peeled onions inside the freezer for 10 minutes before you go at them with your knife. If you keep them in the refrigerator instead, wait for 30 minutes. Now, when you actually get to slicing or chopping it, the trick is to not chop the root end of the onion. Instead, slice or chop around the root end and throw the root away.


Alternatively, in the caption, Chef Goila adds that soaking the peeled onions in cold water before chopping them also does the trick, however, he personally prefers putting them inside the freezer. That’s it. That’s the hack. So simple, right? Next time, if we have to slice onions for a dish, we know who to thank for sparing us the waterworks. (Hint: Chef Goila)

Did Chef Goila’s no-tears onion chopping hack work for you? Let us know in the comments

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