Craving A Quick Snack? Take A Look At What Celebrity Nutritionist Pooja Makhija Carries In Her Dabba


Whether we are working, studying from home or just sitting and binge-watching shows on Netflix, eating snacks in between meals is something we all do. While junk food such as potato chips or chocolate chip cookies are the go-to options for most people, we all know that they don’t impart any nutritional benefits to the body. Now, celebrity nutritionist Pooja Makhija who often posts healthy, low-calorie and delicious food alternatives on her Instagram feed has revealed a much healthier and nutritious snack option. In fact, it is what she herself prefers to eat during work in between meals. Bringing back the popular trend of “#whatsinmydabba”, Pooja shows us her choice of snack. This included seasonal fruits such as peach and mango as well as peeled almonds that were soaked in water. 


Fruits are an all-in-one, super healthy source of nutrition for the human body. They are rich in fibres, antioxidants and packed with essential vitamins. For instance, the seasonal fruit, peach is an excellent choice of fruit for those looking to lose weight and improve immunity. Similarly, mango, which is everyone’s favourite, is high in vitamin C and is good for the skin and hair. This makes fruits a healthy standalone snack option, said Pooja in an earlier video.

There are many ways to incorporate fruits into your diet. You can even pair a quick and simple fruit salad with your bigger meals to add a refreshing touch to them. Follow the recipe here

Along with fruits, nuts are an extremely healthy alternative to junk food and should be incorporated into our everyday diets. Almonds are a popular dry fruit and are used in various sweet dishes across India. But apart from adding crunch and flavour to our sweets, almonds are also an important source of Vitamin E. You can use almonds in several ways depending on your requirement. For instance, in this recipe, we have combined almonds with spinach to make the perfect healthy smoothie.

Let us know what your favourite fruits and dry fruits are to help satisfy those mid-day hunger pangs.

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