Dad Catches Daughter Stealing Food; Adorable Viral Videos Will Make Your Day


The internet has a plethora of funny and relatable content. From cat videos to children’s adorable antics – these videos simply make our day. Baby videos, in particular, have garnered a raging fan following across the years. Whether it’s a toddler going gaga over some food or simply entertaining us with his cuteness, there’s no end to the sweet baby content found online. Recently, we came across an account on Instagram which captured some adorable videos of a cute little girl, who was caught stealing some snacks from her father. Take a look:

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Shared on Instagram Reels by @snackbandits_dad, the video has received over 169k views and thousands of comments. In the cute video, the adorable toddler managed to find a box of cereal snacks and was munching on them in her bathroom. On getting caught by her dad, she was all smiles and looked cutely at the camera before dropping the box.

The cereal box wasn’t the only snack that the adorable girl took. From Dorito chips to rice crispies, the little girl sneaked it all. She even found her dad’s personal snack stash, as he revealed in an Instagram post. “She found my stash of snacks,” he wrote. Take a look at more of her videos.

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Users could not help but smile at the little girl’s snack-stealing skills. “That smile did it for me,” wrote one user while another said, “The way she knew she was caught, started laughing & dropped the box like it absolved her from any guilt is hilarious!!”

What did you think of the sweet videos? Tell us in the comments below.

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