Diabetic-Friendly Dessert: Make This Delicious Rabri Recipe That Will Make You Drool


It is tough to be a dessert lover when you have diabetes. But that doesn’t mean one has to devoid themselves from sweets completely. Indians have found a way around every food adversity that was presented to us and that is exactly what we did when it came to diabetes. Now, every Indian mithai and dessert has a diabetic-friendly version too. No longer does one have to abstain from dessert just because their health doesn’t allow it, all one has to do is choose the safe options and relish the sweet taste!

That’s why we have brought the ultimate diabetic-friendly dessert recipe for you. We have found a way for you to enjoy rabri without stressing about your health. This diabetic-friendly rabri is so delicious that you might end mistaking it for actual rabri. Make sure you enjoy this rabri recipe when it is cold.

lauki rabri recipe

Garnish your rabri with shaved almonds.

How To Make Diabetic-Friendly Rabri:

Diabetic-friendly rabri is one of the easiest dessert recipes. One doesn’t have to be a master chef, let alone have great culinary skills. If you know how to boil milk then you’re good to go. The base of this rabri recipe is oats and orange, so you need to have these two things at home. The rest of the ingredients are usually already available at home.  Start by putting a saucepan on the stove and melt some ghee. Then add oats to the pan and mix it well in the ghee. After a few minutes, add milk to the ghee oats. Mix it well and let it cook till the mixture thickens. Get the saucepan off the flame and let it cool. Once it has completely cooled down, add orange segments and sugar substitutes like sugar-free or stevia. Mix it well. The rabri is ready! Let the rabri refrigerate for at least 30 minutes before eating.

Click here for the full recipe of Diabetic-Friendly Rabri.

Try this simple and easy diabetic-friendly recipe and tell us how you liked it.

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