Do Not Mix Fruits. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekars Advice Is An Eye-Opener


Since our childhood, we’ve heard our parents ask us to eat fruits. Some of us have taken it up, made it a daily habit and now feel cool about it. But, were we ever told how to eat them in the first place? Most of us would now wonder if there’s a good and a bad way of consuming fruits. Well, there is. And we may find out that most of the common ways to have fruits are actually not the correct way to do it. Nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar has summed up the pointers to help us eat fruits just the right way. And there’s ample reason to take her advice.

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1. Don’t mix them. Rujuta suggests we have one fruit at a time. Different fruits digest at different rates and do not mix well. We don’t want to burden our digestive system and feel bloated later.

2. Know the time. Listen to the nutritionist and have fruits either as the first meal or post-workout or at mid-meal. Post-workout, fruits can replenish our body with natural sugar, vitamins and a lot more. It’s the same reason why you should avoid them at night.

3. Chew them and chew well. Nutritionists like Rujuta cannot stress it enough that juicing up fruits can deprive them of some of their major benefits. 

4. Eat the fruits that are in season. That way, we’re neither taking in pesticides nor are we missing out on the freshness factor.

5. Eat the fruits whole. That way, we intake the fibres that help our digestive system.

6. Use your hand to have them and ditch the fork. Eating with the hands are known to help trigger the release of digestive enzymes. According to Ayurveda, this habit boosts digestion.

Fruits are one of Rujuta’s many food indulgences. She once spoke on the benefits of date palms. As she pointed out, dates can help in conditions of anaemia as they can boost haemoglobin production. They also help with sleep disorders and improve exercise performance. We can opt for these fruits now as they are in season and we can get fresh supplies from the local market.

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According to Rujuta, a regular plate of indigenous food is a delight we must relish. She said it with a caption to one post, “All living beings eat to live but only human beings can eat for pleasure and joy. See the blessing for what it is and stop making it a pain point in your life.”

Now that we know what fruits to have this season and how to have them, we will make sure to follow these rules. Let us know what changes will you be making in your fruit consumption, in the comments below.

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