Do this immediately before Google Photos free unlimited storage ends

You will no longer get ‘unlimited’ free Google Photos storage from June 1, 2021. This means all photos will count towards your free 15GB Google account storage. If you have Google Photos app on your phone then whatever photos you click on your smartphone automatically gets backed up on Google Photos. Earlier, this storage was backup storage free. But from June 1, 2021, all images that get backed up on Google Photos will automatically consume your limited free 15GB Google account space that is shared by Gmail, Docs and Drive.
You may either opt to use a different storage provider for your photos or buy a subscription plan on Google One. However, if you are still undecided, simply disable the ‘back and sync’ option in your Google Photos app immediately. This will prevent unnecessary images from getting backed up and save you the hassle of deleting them later. Note that if the 15GB free Google account storage gets exhausted then you may stop receiving emails.
How to stop Google Photos back up
Open Google Photos app on your phone. Open account settings by tapping on your Google account picture found on the top left hand corner. Tap on ‘Google Photos settings’> Backup & sync> disable it by tapping the toggle button to grey colour.
What to do after Google Photos free storage ends
After turning off ‘back & sync’ for Google Photos, you can think about how to save your future photos. Note that all photos that are saved till June 1, 2021 will continue to be there as it is and will not count towards your Google storage. You need to worry about the photos you click on your phone from June 1.
You may decide to move to another service provider like Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, DropBox, Amazon Photos and others. Or, you may want to open a new Google account with free 15GB storage to save your future photos. Another option is buying a portable SSD with cloud storage to save the photos.

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