Egg Malai Masala – Try This Recipe To Amp Up The Humble Egg Curry


Egg curries are easy to make and taste delicious, we often label Egg curries to be the minimum effort substitute for chicken or fish, (which they proudly are) but have you ever wondered if there are more ways to enjoy this humble curry? Well, if you are a true egg curry fan, you are going to love us for saying this that just like chicken and fish, the egg can also be made in a variety of ways. For butter chicken, there is the egg makhani; for Amritsari macchi, there is the amritsari anda, and ranking quite high in the same category from Malai chicken comes – Anda malai.

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Just like the chicken, Anda Malai is made with a rich white gravy consisting of onion paste, cream, milk and masalas. Drop the boiled eggs in this creamy sauce and let it soak all the flavours; make sure to not add haldi to maintain the beautiful white colour. For the best gastronomical experience serve with fluffy buttered rotis and lose yourself to the creamy flavours.


Eggs are versatile and work great as snacks, curries and other options too

Are you craving the creamy madness too? Read the recipe here:

Anda Malai Recipe / How to make Anda Malai :

Boil the eggs and cut them in half and keep it aside. Make a smooth paste of onion and green chilli. Also grind ginger garlic finely together. Get yourself some milk and cream too. Once all the ingredients are ready, just get a pan and pour everything one by one.

First, heat oil and then add onion and chilli paste, keep stirring continuously and don’t let it brown, after a while add ginger garlic and cook until the raw smell is gone. To this add dry masalas like black pepper powder, salt, dhaniya and jeera powder.

After everything has been mixed together, switch off the flame and then slowly add milk to make sure it doesn’t curdle. Mix the milk with the gravy properly and then get it back on the stove. Now add the cream and make a thick gravy. In the end, add eggs and coat it with the gravy properly for 2-3 minutes on each side. Sprinkle some garam masala and coriander and take it off the heat. You can serve Anda Malai with Rice, roti or naan. Read the full recipe here.

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This is how we took our love for eggs a notch higher, did you like the recipe, and would you try making this? Let us know in the comments below.

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