Engineering Student From Hyderabad Serves Free Home-Cooked Meals To Covid Affected


The Covid-19 pandemic has left many of us helpless. With watching the news and hearing tragic news from our loved ones, in one way or another, the pandemic has impacted our mental and physical health. While most of us work from home, many others still have to travel to their offices and face the danger. In these crises, a second-year engineering student, Sneha Srirampur, has come as a ray of sunshine for the covid affected patients. Coming from a family of 27 doctors, Sneha and her friends and family started Ashirwad Food Service – until now, her food service has delivered to 400 plates.

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Sneha told ANI about her inspiration behind starting her food services, “Doctors are the ones who stand in the frontline to save the lives of people, even setting aside their families for service. Especially during this pandemic, it’s not just doctors who have worked a day in and day out, but also the police officers, the municipality workers, and all the frontline workers. All these people made sure that the people are safe. These people have inspired me to do something for those who are suffering during this pandemic.”

Sneha and members working with her used social media to promote the free food service. She stated that her relatives have also helped her financially to maintain the free meals service.

She mentioned money she received from a number of people, particularly doctors who live abroad. Various NGOs and internet food delivery businesses have volunteered to assist her with the delivery. “Food delivery that takes place through various NGOs are fully free of cost and when the food is being delivered by online food delivery platforms, it is just charged nominally with just the delivery charge, she said adding that the delivery charges thus collected are used to feed the poor and needy outside various hospitals and footpaths on weekends,” told Sneha to ANI.

She also feeds police personnel stationed at several checkpoints throughout the city. Sneha’s mother, Triveni, expressed her pride in her daughter and her brothers for stepping out to help people and helped to support her in all of her humanitarian initiatives.

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