Experience Ramen At Naru Noodle Bar, Bangalore


Think ramen and it instantly reminds us of everything soothing, flavourful and wholesome. A hearty bowl of ramen wins hearts at any given time. Flavourful soup with noodles, meat, veggies and eggs in it – ramen defines comfort. But putting together this Japanese delicacy is not as easy as it seems – it needs skill, perfection and creativity. And to make Bangalore experience a perfect bowl of ramen, popular chef Kavan Kuttappa launches Naru Noodle Bar. Naru Noodle Bar brings you a hearty bowl of ramen that includes everything made from the scratch (including the noodles). Ramen is a relatively new dish (came from China to Japan about 50 years ago) and one of the few Japanese dishes that doesn’t follow any strict recipe. So it’s a bottomless bowl to be creative and experimental.


Photo Credit: Naru Noodle Bar


Photo Credit: The Courtyard Food Project

Noodle Noodle Bar, in association with the Courtyard Food Project, brings this exquisite ramen experience to the city. And the Courtyard will transform into Chef Kavan’s noodle pop-up shop for 3 nights between 30th July and 1st of August, 2021. For the unversed, the Courtyard Food Project is an effort to celebrate food, community, people and their food stories. With this aim, the Courtyard designs a sit-down dinner to make foodies through a gastronomic journey of epic proportions.

Sounds fascinating, right? Then what are you waiting for? Block the dates on your calendar and experience the perfect Japanese ramen at the Naru Noodle Bar. Bon Apetit!

Date: 30th of July- 1st of August 2021 (3 nights )

Location: The Courtyard, 105 KH Double Road, Shanti Nagar, Bangalore

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