facebook: Facebook is bringing ‘Group Experts’ with badges to the platform


Facebook will add a new feature to its Groups that lets group members decide upon and elect ‘Group Experts’, says a report by The Verge. Each expert’s profile will be adorned with a badge to indicate that they are highly knowledgeable on the topic the group is based on. As per the report, the “Group Expert” badge will show on posts, comments, and in the Q&A section.
The social media platform will add tools from group members to help find potential experts in the group. Group members and admins can then nominate another member to be a Group Expert. Once the nomination is accepted, they will get the badge that will mark them as a Group Expert.
As of now, Facebook is making efforts to find experts in the field of gaming and fitness by prompting specific users to add the games and other activities they know much about. This topic-wise search can lead group members to find and nominate a Group Expert. A Group Expert can also add more people like their followers to join a particular group. If a Group Expert is deemed unworthy of his or her post for spreading misinformation, they can be removed from their posts by the admins.
The report adds: “When asked about additional moderation tools to ensure Group Experts provide accurate information, a Facebook spokesperson listed the established ways the company deals with misinformation on the platform, like third-party fact checkers and reducing distribution for content flagged as misleading. They added that members can always report content to group admins.”

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