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Feeling demotivated to workout? Here’s help for you | Lifestyle


The pandemic has affected every individual in one way or the other. In these tough times, it becomes extremely important for us to take care of our health- be it physical or mental. Being at home can restrict our physical activity and make us lazy.Home workout proves to be a really beneficial way to fight the stress and get that me-time required to stay fitter. There are many easy home-based exercises that can be helpful such as doing exercises against a chair or using basic home towels as resistance bands. Simple exercises like stair climbing, skipping ropes, burpees and squat jumps can also maintain fitness. You can try to stay active throughout the day and snack on fruits or other healthy options like nuts while taking breaks.Working out at home can be very demotivating sometimes, here is a good way to design and follow workouts that interest you and do not end up feeling like another chore.

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