A sports drama that lacks punch

Here is the Review of the Ghani Telugu Movie directed by Kiran Korrapati starring Varun Tej, Saiee M Manjrekar, Jagapathi Babu, Upendra, Sunil Shetty, Naveen Chandra, and others.

Some extraordinary sports movies have been shot in South India recently. Either Gowtam Tinnanuris Jersey or Pa. Ranjith’s Sarpatta Parambarai, these films will fascinate you from the start, whether you like sports or not. Whether it’s a player’s personal life or the politics that come with the sport, films made in the past have managed to explore this aspect well. Debut Kiran Korrapati’s Ghani also has all the ingredients, so it’s sad to see it trade substance for style.GHANI MOVIE REVIEW

In Ghani’s world, there was once a boxer named Vikramaditya from Andhra Pradesh who was so passionate about the sport that he even entered the state boxing championship only to be embarrassed by the nationals. Fifteen years later, his wife (Nadhiya) and son Ghani (Varun Tej Konidela) are still suffering the consequences. The former does not want her son to be associated with anything that causes her family pain; however, the latter does not know how to give up the sport. He tried everything from entering illegal boxing matches to in the ring – just to find out the truth about his father. Whether he succeeds in fulfilling his father’s dream is Ghani’s sticking point.

At its core, the film is a story that may be cliché, but it deserves to be taken with the seriousness it deserves. Instead, debutant Kiran is paired with a cliche lover with Maya (Saiee Manjrekar), and a special number starring Tamannaah Bhatia. In fact, he explores not only Garni’s dynamic with his parents throughout the first half of the film, but also an empty love story that doesn’t help the story at hand at all. There are other players in this story. There is Adi (Navin Chandra), the son of a wealthy businessman, who is trying to shape his own identity. The founder of the Indian Boxing Federation is Eeswar (Jagapathi Babu) who shares his history with Vikramaditya and Ghani. Kiran’s attempt at a “big reveal” of the characters of Suniel Shetty and Nimma Upendra seems amateurish.

When you look at the story, Ghani has a lot going for it, but the story never quite gets bogged down. Kieran basically eschews the songs, save for two numbers and two other songs used as montages (composed by Thaman S), but the movie ends up just seeming to be evanescent (the storyline doesn’t make sense), rather than intense The drama became what he was supposed to be. Upendra’s character has long lines and Varun has some dialogue, but neither of them seems to have the desired effect. The length of the film and the creative decision not to hold most of the boxing matches in the second half of the film also proved to be a hindrance.

Varun Tej played better than in Ghani but it wasn’t his fault as he didn’t really understand the scope of it. His character is put into context, he’s denied the truth, and he seems to be the last person in the room to know something – just leaving him room to react. However, you can tell the hard work he put into the body and even the boxing scene. Saiee’s role proved to be irrelevant in the long run, and she did well when Nadhiya, Suniel, and Upendra played their roles. Aside from the title track, Taman’s music doesn’t make much of an impression.

Ghani is a decent sports drama, but that’s about it – decent. The movie doesn’t offer something that hasn’t been seen before. If you love sports drama but keep your expectations in check, check it out this weekend.

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