Google Pixel: Google Pixel phones get a new battery-saving feature


Google has quietly introduced a battery-saving feature for the Pixel smartphones, as per a report by Android Central. The feature, called “Optimizing for battery health”, reportedly stalls the Pixel phones from charging beyond 80% in two extreme conditions: “Continuous charge under high battery drain conditions, like for example gameplay” and “continuous charge for four days or more.” The feature will be available to Pixel 3 or later smartphones and has been seen on eligible Pixel models in April and May, claims the report.
Upon triggering the battery-saving feature, an “Optimizing for battery health” message will show on the Always-on display on the phone and in the Settings app under “Battery”, says Google.
Sony Xperia phones had a similar feature called Battery Care, which restricted the charging to 90% and even had a toggle to turn it on or off. Google is not giving the option of a toggle but the two conditions must be met for the feature to turn on, so users can rest assured that the feature won’t be working in the background at all the time, only when it finds that one of the aforementioned conditions is met. “The temporary feature automatically turns off when the phone no longer meets the conditions listed above.”, says Google
Google says that if you want to turn the battery optimisation off in the Pixel phone, you’ll have to unplug the phone from the charger or remove it from the wireless charging Pixel Stand. Then, you can either restart your device or wait for about 10 minutes for the feature to become inactive. You will know that the feature has turned off when the notification disappears and your Pixel is able to charge to 100% again.

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