Guess What Nick Jonass Cheat Day Meal Is? It Will Make You Hungry For Sure


We wonder if the person who first invented pizza could have ever imagined that their creation would come to be one of the most loved dishes by people all over the world. From comfort food to a celebratory meal, to a lazy Sunday night dinner, and a cheat day meal – a pizza is the perfect food choice for any occasion. Who would have thought that combining some cheese and vegetables or meat and putting them on some dough and baking it would have the power to make our souls dance with joy in just one cheesy bite!

We don’t know about you, but to us, pizza is most definitely a heavenly meal. And it looks like Nick Jonas thinks so too. The singer seemed to enjoy some delicious pizza on his cheat day and we approve of his choice.

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Has Nick’s cheat day meal left you with an intense hankering for some pizza? Well, we have a list of delish pizza recipes for you to try.

1. Tuscany Pizza

Just like the gorgeous sunsets of Tuscany, this pizza is bound to make you happy. The sweetness of the tomato sauce with the tangy spice of jalapenos, earthy mushrooms topped with a generous helping of gooey mozzarella cheese is bound to create the perfect bite.

2. Cheese Burst Pizza

Calling all cheese lovers. This pizza is bound to make your heart burst with happiness in just one bite. Crispy veggies flavoured with pungent Italian herbs on a buttered crust is the perfect pizza.

3. Mexican Pizza

While traditionally pizzas are meant to have a soft base, this delicious pizza with a Mexican twist uses a deep-fried tortilla base topped with mellow refried beans and spicy tangy salsa. A perfect quick evening snack.

5. Naan Veggie Pizza

Put a lip-smacking desi twist on pizza with this delicious fusion recipe. Add some yummy sweet bell peppers and spicy chili flakes on yummy soft naan with loads of cheese.

6. Meat Lovers Pizza

This pizza is not only delicious but also very healthy. Switching the traditional maida flour base with healthy tapioca and millet flour base. Along with a delectable choice of meat toppings, this quick and easy pizza is every meat lover’s dream come true.

Cheat day or not every day should be pizza day. Tell us which of these scrumptious pizzas was your favourite to make and devour.

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