Hot Chai And Sooji Halwa Is What Is Giving Anand Mahindra A Taste Of India In New York


You can take an Indian out of India, but you can’t take India out of an Indian. And more importantly, Indian foodies are always going to look for the flavours of the country no matter which part of the world they are in. And now, industrialist Anand Mahindra has proved exactly this with his latest tweet. The Chairman of Mahindra Group is in New York now and if you think he is enjoying the local pizza slices and burgers, you are wrong. The businessman said on the micro-blogging site that he was looking for a “taste of home” in the American city.

And thanks to the Indian diaspora, he found exactly that in a cup of hot tea and some sooji halwa. Sharing a picture of the beverage and snack on Twitter, Mr Mahindra said, “Garma garam chai (Piping hot tea). And Suji Halwa…the latter thanks to the Indian diaspora in New York which has home delivery services. You don’t have to miss the taste of home.”

Twitter users reacted to the post and shared their thoughts on Mr Mahindra’s choice of snack.

One user did not seem very happy with the chai-halwa combo and expressed the same in a comment. While it looked tasty, it was a rather “different” combination he said.

“Do they go together?” asked another. 

A curious follower asked, “Won’t it blunt the taste of another?”

Another user recommended that the industrialist must try pakoras instead of halwa.

Biscuits and tea were this user’s pick.

One follower even said that the post had made him feel hungry. 

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If all this conversation of chai and halwa has caused you to crave for some, we are here to help. While regular chai is a staple in most homes, we recommend that you try your hands on this special masale wali chai that is filled with the goodness of cardamom and ginger. And if halwa is something you enjoy, this sooji ka halwa recipe is a must-try. 

Tell us what you think of Mr Mahindra’s chai-halwa combination and what your perfect snack pairing with tea is.

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