How Does Honey React In Outer Space? Watch Unbelievable Viral Video


Honey is an indispensable part of the Indian kitchen. Whether for its medicinal properties or its sticky, sweet texture – the liquid finds its way into many preparations. Honey soothes the throat and has been linked to good immunity too. Nature’s miracle potion has plenty of other health benefits too, such as helping in weight loss and improving skin health too. Have you ever wondered how this thick indulgent liquid would react in outer space? A YouTube video has the answer to your question. Take a look:

The video was posted on YouTube in May 2019 by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA). It has resurfaced on social media in the past one week. “CSA astronaut David Saint-Jacques takes advantage of microgravity in space to play with honey,” read the description to the video. It has received 49 million views since the time it was shared.

In the 58-second clip, astronaut David Saint-Jacques shows us how honey reacts to zero gravity situation in outer space. “So let’s show you the strange behaviour of honey in zero-g,” he said in the video. He unscrews the lid off a box of honey and pulls it horizontally. In a normal situation on Earth, honey would have started flowing and pouring out of the box. However, in this case the honey becomes stretchy and flexible like a rubber band. In fact, the astronaut is able to curl it around!

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Honey is a thick, sugary liquid which has a number of medicinal properties.

How surreal and unbelievable, right? Internet users couldn’t help but express their astonishment at seeing the magical video. “His smile throughout the whole time just shows he’s truly fascinated as well,” wrote one user. Another commented, “Imagine when they come back down and they forget that their food can’t just float around anymore.”

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