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How To Know If You Are Suffering From Anxiety / This is What You Need to Know!

This is What You Need to Know About Anxiety

Has it ever happened to you that your hands and feet started trembling just before the exam, or the palms started sweating before the job interview? They are not a sign of any disease, rather it is the body’s way of preparing itself before any major event. This is what you need to know about anxiety.

These signals coming from the brain, as soon as the event started, they calmed down as fast as possible. Slowly the speed of breath and heart rate starts to become normal. These worries are good rather than bad, which helps us prepare for any event.

But if these concerns start happening without any clear reason, then it can be a matter of concern. In many people, after reaching the peak, this problem starts affecting their daily activities and their lives. In such a condition it can be called anxiety disorder. I will give you information about the difference in anxiety and disorder, symptoms of anxiety disorder, the cause of anxiety disorder, types of anxiety disorder, treatment of anxiety disorder.

What is the difference between anxiety and disorder?

Famous American writer and motivational speaker Leo Bascagilla’s famous quote is, “Worry does not hollow out your coming tomorrow, but it overcomes you today with its strength.” This famous quote from Leo Buscaglia is enough to convince you that worry is really like a pyre, which keeps on burning a man.

Causes of anxiety

Discomfort before job interview and exam

To stir in the stomach before going on stage

Fear of a particular object, such as on the street for fear of being bitten by stray dogs

Concern to the passing of a loved one

Sweating before something big

Anxiety Disorder

Worry unnecessarily

Afraid to go in front of people

Afraid to talk to people

Fear of going into the lift

Set things back

To assume that you are going to die or someone will kill you

Miss old things too much

Symptoms Of Anxiety

Everyone is worried, so it is really difficult to tell when to recognize it as a disease. But if a particular concern persists for a very long time and it affects your work or life, then it is really dangerous. You should consult a mental health specialist immediately.

Types of anxiety

Well, there are many types of anxiety disorders. But some of his common symptoms are as follows.

Increased heart rate, breathlessness

Increased muscle tension

The feeling of chest strain

Increased anxiety and feeling restless

Have a crush on

To insist on something

What causes anxiety disorder?

Family History: Individuals who have a history of mental health problems in the family may have problems with an anxiety disorder at times. A disorder called OCD, for example, can pass from one generation to another.

Stressful events: Stress at work, death of a loved one, breakup from a girlfriend, etc. can also cause symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Health-related matters: Thyroid problems, asthma, diabetes, or heart disease can cause an anxiety disorder. People suffering from depression can also be vulnerable. For example, a person who has been struggling with depression for a long time, his performance starts to decline. This increases the stress associated with the workplace and functioning and then leads to anxiety disorder.

Use of intoxication: To get rid of gum, many people resort to alcohol for other drugs. But believe me, alcohol can never be a cure for anxiety disorder. Rather it increases the problem further. As soon as the effect of the drug ends, there is an increase in nervousness in them.

Personality related disorder: You must have noticed that some people have a habit of working with too much perfection. But when it becomes a stubborn craze of perfection, then it is a disorder. Sometimes this stubbornness gives rise to nervousness and anxiety in such people.

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