How To Make Chicken Burger | Easy Homemade Chicken Burger Recipe


Burgers are the one thing that no one can say no to. From picky eaters to foodies, this dish satisfies all. A good bite of that juicy chicken patty sandwiched between the soft buns is enough to make you forget all about your worries. A burger is one of those comfort food that can very easily turn luxurious too. And we are definitely spoilt by choices, from gourmet burgers to street-style bun tikkis, the variety just doesn’t disappoint. Often when we crave a scrumptious and juicy burger, our first thought is to order in or go out looking for it, but what if we told you that you can easily replicate one of those restaurant burgers right in your kitchen? Yes, you read that right! Even the amateur home chefs out there can make these juicy delicacies in their kitchen without trouble.

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Burgers are the best meal option you can easily make at home

A homemade burger is so easy to make and fun that you might as well forget about the restaurants completely. From the vegan chickpea burger to the chicken burger with a loaded patty, every single one of them can swiftly be cooked at home. So here we bring for you a flavourful recipe of the classic chicken burger, which is definitely going to leave you wanting for more. Read the recipe:

How To Make A Home-made Chicken Burger l Home-Made Chicken Burger Recipe:

In a bowl mix minced chicken, eggs, bread crumbs, and seasoning of your choice. Mash and make round flat patties out of them. Frey them for 5 minutes on each side on low flame. Once done, remove from heat and place between burger buns, apply sauce of your choice, some caramelized onions and crunchy veggies and your restaurant-style burger is ready to be devoured. For the detailed recipe, click here.

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For a true restaurant experience, serve with a chilled drink and some French fries, and watch how this simple home-made meal will brighten up your day.

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