How To Make Delicious Schezwan Chilli Potato To Liven Up Your Meal


When it comes to Indo-Chinese, we can’t help but devour the yummy dishes of this cuisine. While we have experimented with various flavours and ingredients, we have developed the taste of the yummy Manchurian, succulent chilli chicken, and of course, everyone’s favourite, the crispy chilli potatoes. But oftentimes when we try to make chilli potatoes at home, we don’t get that same restaurant like taste in it. However, no matter how many recipes we see, they may look like the same versions of each other with the same flavours. So if you are still working on your recipes to get that taste, then trust us, a little bit of Schezwan sauce in your crispy and spicy chilli potatoes, the taste of the dish will level up in no time!

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No Indo-Chinese food is complete without Schezwan sauce. You can get spicy, garlicky, and a fiery colour from this one ingredient in your food. And it’s not just this; you can use this ingredient in any Indo-Chinese dish as it will amp up the taste of it. So, without waiting any further, let’s get into the recipe of Schezwan style chilli potato.

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Here Is The Recipe Of Schezwan Style Chilli Potato | Schezwan Style Chilli Potato Recipe

First, peel and cut your potatoes in a long shape. Then add cornflour to it and fry them till crispy. In a separate pan, add some oil, soy sauce, chill sauce, and vinegar and mix these well. Then add the chopped vegetables and make a slurry from cornflour. Mix this, and then throw in your potatoes.

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Now add some Schezwan sauce from the top and combine again. Let it cook on low flame for a while. Then serve in a bowl and garnish with spring onions!

For the full recipe of schezwan chilli potato, click here.

Make this yummy recipe and let us know how you liked it!

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