How To Make Nutritious Cheela With Leftover Sambar – Chef Kunal Kapur Shares Recipe


By now, we all know how to utilise each and every leftover food to the fullest. Instead of throwing away the extra dal or roti and rice from last night’s meal, we now-a-days use it to make something unique and interesting the next morning. In 2020, the months-long lockdown taught us how to go creative and experiment with various dishes in the kitchen. From making soup with leftover rotis to converting leftover rice into paratha – we have done it all the last year. If you ask us, we still continue doing the same and try to lessen the amount of food wastage on a daily basis. In fact, we just love modifying our leftover foods and make them taste yet more scrumptious.

During our search of such unique recipes with leftover foods, we came across celebrity chef Kunal Kapur’s Instagram, where he shared a couple of stories on Wednesday, explaining how to turn leftover sambar from last night’s meal into wholesome cheela. Yes, you heard us.

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How To Make Cheela | Classic Cheela Recipe:

Cheela is a breakfast staple among the North Indians. A quintessential cheela is made using besan, veggies and spices. All the ingredients are mixed together to form a semi-thick batter and then cooked like a pancake on tawa, with a little amount of oil. It is quick and easy to make and makes for a wholesome meal. Click here for the recipe.

How To Make Kunal Kapur-Special Sambar Cheela:

Thanks to the power-packed sambar, this recipe adds some extra protein, fibre and some essential nutrients to the regular cheela. All you need to do is, add some besan to the sambar, make a batter and cook like a regular cheela. Simple, right? Just remember, the quantity of besan with vary as per the sambar. All you need to do is keep up the regular cheela-batter consistency. Let’s find the recipe:

Step 1. Take the leftover sambar. Do not heat it.

Step 2. Add besan and a little amount of maida in it. Add freshly chopped coriander leaves and mix to get a cheela batter.

Step 3. Heat the pan and add some oil in it.

Step 4. Add a ladleful of batter and spread.

Step 5. Cook from one side and flip it. Cook both the sides until golden in colour and serve hot.

And if you want to make this dish from the scratch, here’s a sambar recipe you can look into. Click here to know more.

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