iGear launches gesture-controlled night lamp, SenseLED


Indian accessories brand iGear has launched ‘SenseLED,’ a touchless ambient light illumination solution for homes. It comes with nine different light colours and eye protection mode. SenseLED uses gesture control technology.
iGear SenseLED has 5W ambient lamp that’s integrated with a motion sensor for touchless operations. It’s size is that of a standard kid’s lunchbox. The SenseLED is equipped with multi-coloured LEDs that produces different colours of light with options to vary the intensity from dim to full bright.
iGear SenseLED motion sensor works with gestures or hand movements. Users can wave hand a few inches over the lamp and control its illumination, no buttons or touch needed. Users can also set it to automatic colour-cycling mode. The in-built LEDs are designed to produce dim illumination for sleeping, or an increased brightness for reading at night.
iGear SenseLED features a 1500mAh in-built Lithium-ion battery that and can run up to 12 hours on a single charge. It has a rechargeable battery and offers up to 350 hours on standby. Using a standard micro-USB smartphone charger, you can top up the battery in just a few hours. The SenseLED is built using Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene.
iGear SenseLED comes in White colour aat an introductory price of Rs 1,950. It comes with a standard industry warranty of 1 year and can be purchased from and

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