Inside Mira Kapoors Lavish Dinner Feast For Mum Belas Birthday

Mira Kapoor is one of the biggest foodies on Instagram. A quick glance through her feed will show you how much she adores cooking and experimenting with recipes. On 17th June, the diva celebrated her mother Bela Rajput’s birthday with a lavish feast and a sit-down dinner with family and friends. She posted on Instagram about the yummy dishes that she prepared for the birthday feast. From the decor to the food to the desserts, Mira Kapoor wrote about everything in a detailed post. Take a look at the pictures she shared:

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Talking about sit-down dinners versus a buffet dinner, Mira Kapoor wrote that the former had some elements of formality and restraint. “I think it’s also the cheekiness of hovering beside the food for seconds and thirds, as well as pockets of conversation and banter that you can dip into with the same ease,” she wrote.

As for the decor, Mira Kapoor opted for basil teapots rather than fresh flowers, which were decorated on cake stands which could be later used to serve the birthday cakes. Opting for fresh and organic produce for the dinner menu, she said, “The dinner menu was set solely based on what produce was freshly available, as the store is strictly organic and seasonal. (I do stock up on good quality cheese whenever I can and freeze pizza bases).”

Mira Kapoor further explained all the dishes she made for her mother’s birthday dinner feast. The meal started with two different kinds of salads made with roasted and blanched vegetables such as Zucchini, spinach, pumpkin, eggplant. She called the recipe inspired by famous cookbook author and chef Yoman Ottolenghi. She had earlier posted about her cookbook purchases which she had been experimenting with. Take a look:

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Next, for the main course there was a delectable Mac and Cheese, with the cheese folded in as Mira Kapoor mentioned. This was followed by a roasted tomato and garlic spaghetti, and some garlic buns. Mira Kapoor also whipped up a lavish rainbow pizza for her kids with an in-house sauce and lots of veggies. “Pulled a fast one on this one. Have to tick a kiddie favourite with sneaky veg,” she wrote.

Coming to the cakes, Mira Kapoor had ordered an eggless blueberry cheesecake for her mother’s birthday. Showering praises on it, she took to Instagram stories to write about the droolworthy dessert. Take a look:


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Praising the delectable dessert, Mira Kapoor wrote, “The yummiest baked blueberry cheesecake I’ve ever had! And it’s eggless!” In the photograph, we could see the delicious cake which had “World’s Best Mom,” written on top. It was also decorated with pastel-coloured roses and baby’s breath flowers. The entire creation looked stunning and definitely must have tasted amazing too!

The eggless blueberry cheesecake was not the only cake that Mira Kapoor had ordered. Jalandhar-based bakery ‘The Kitchenette’ shared clicks and videos of a few other cakes made to order by Mira Kapoor. Two more delectable cheesecakes were made for Mira Kapoor’s order by the bakery, apart from the blueberry cheesecake. Take a look:


Some delicious cakes that Mira Kapoor ordered for family and friends. 

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One cake was labelled ‘BFF’ while another read ‘Farewell’, and the flavours seemed to be caramel and chocolate. Both cakes were beautifully decorated with flowers and confectionary items, and seemed to be part of the birthday dinner itself.

What a wonderful birthday dinner it was! Kudos to Mira Kapoor for whipping up such a lavish feast with variety and flavour. We hope to see more such snippets from the diva’s foodie diaries soon.

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