International Beer Day 2021: 7 Delicious Recipes To Cook With Beer


The International Beer Day is here. Since 2007, when it was started in California, to honour the drink and its brewers, the day has been celebrated on the first Friday of August. As we mark this day with as much furore, let us not restrict ourselves to just a glass of beer. The drink is a fabulous addition to many recipes around the world and adds a flavour to dishes. While we may be struggling to think about what to cook with beer, we can rely on these seven recipes that use it. From lamb to mussels to mushrooms, the drink can add a smooth flour to them all.

Here Are 7 Recipes That Use Beer:

1.Lamb Casserole

This could be the best land dish we have tasted. With the goodness of jaggery, the juiciness of lamb and the zing of beer, it’s a dish we can’t keep ourselves from relishing. Garlic, mustard powder and celery add to the punch of flavours.


Image from Unsplash

2.Beer Chicken Cubes

We prepare the chicken by marinating it in beer for half an hour. Fry it in butter till it gets cooked. Add chilli, ginger and coriander seasoning to make it a scrumptious treat.

Beer Chicken Cubes

This dish is delicious to have

3.Beer Chicken Tartar

This quick and easy recipe is crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Whipped up in a tartar sauce made with mayonnaise, gherkins, olives and shallots, this dish adds a delicious flavour to the chicken.


This is a quick recipe

4.Beer Battered Mushrooms

Beer can be used for a vegetarian delight as well. We are using mushrooms stuffed with garlic, chillies, onion and coriander. Coat the mushrooms in flour and fry them till golden brown. It’s a lip-smacking dish you can’t refuse to have.


This dish is delightful

5.Beer Batter Fish Finger

This recipe uses a batter of eggs and wine. Dip the fish for half an hour in this batter and then throw them in the pan to cook. Serve it with lime tartar sauce to make it an unforgettable dish.


Image from Unsplash

6.Hot and Sour Fish

This recipe uses egg whites, beer and rind. The lemon juice gives it a tangy taste and the peanut oil adds to the flavours.

7.Mussels in Beer, Cream and Garlic Sauce

If we love mussels, there can be no better recipe for having them. Cooked with beer, onion and garlic, this dish can leave us amazed by the burst of flavours in our mouth.

Happy International Beer Day.

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