Kajols Good Looking Gajar Ka Halwa Is The Perfect Sweet Treat To Satisfy Your Craving


Nothing feels quite as satisfying as digging into a bowl of warm gajar ka halwa while it rains outside. There is something inexplicably pleasurable about enjoying a warm dessert or beverage during the monsoon. As it appears, we are not the only ones who are in the mood to relish a decadent dessert in this weather. Kajol seems to be satiating her sweet tooth cravings as well with a plate of gajar ka halwa. The actress shared a picture of her sweet treat on Instagram Stories along with the caption, “Good looking calorie-free gajar ka halwa. Best of both worlds.”

Best of both worlds indeed! What better way to enjoy a dessert than knowing that it won’t add any calories.


A few months ago, Kajol had left us laughing our hearts out with her witty sense of humour. The actress who has an unabashed sense of humour responded to people who questioned her appetite. She had shared an image of herself, sitting near a plate of food. She captioned the image, “Did you just say ‘I have a good appetite’! Well, when I’m hungry I can eat you too.” Read more about how Kajol responded to all those who made fun of her eating habit here.

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Coming back to her gajar ka halwa, if that has left you craving, we have a list of recipes for you to try at home.

1) Sugar-Free Gajar Ka Halwa

Enjoy a delicious and easy sweet treat with this sugar-free recipe. All you need is some shredded carrots cooked in ghee and spiced with cardamom. Switch sugar with a sugar substitute and enjoy it.

2) Atte Ka Halwa

This melt-in-your-mouth dessert is made using whole wheat flour. This is often made in Indian households on auspicious days and festivals. It’s easy to make and is ready in a matter of minutes..


Atte ka halwa is a simple halwa enjoyed by all

3) Lauki Ka Halwa

Put a healthy spin on your regular halwa with this tasty recipe. Lauki or bottle gourd has a very mellow flavour and high water content, which allows it to cook faster than carrots. For this recipe, all you need is shredded lauki, ghee, and milk along with a blend of dry fruits. Serve warm and enjoy.

4) Walnut Halwa

Walnuts are rich as brain food. This recipe puts a decadent twist on the regular nutty walnuts. All you need is soaked walnuts, milk, cardamom, dates, and saffron to make this tasty and healthy treat.

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5) Chana Dal Ka Halwa

Chana Dal or split chickpea is richer in flavour compared to other pulses. This tasty recipe uses soaked chana dal cooked in flavourful and aromatic spices like cloves and cardamom.


Chana dal halwa is a rich and flavourful dessert

Let us know in the comments below what you thought of Kajol’s gajar ka halwa. Also, tell us which of these halwa recipes will you be making next.

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