Keto Recipes: Make These 7 Yummy Breakfast Keto Recipes In Just 30 Minutes


If you have just started following a healthy and fit lifestyle, then there are high chances that you must be figuring out the kind of diet you should follow. Even though there are different kinds of diets, it’s best to first know the requirement of your body and then choose a diet with the help of a nutritionist. While we have many options when it comes to choose from, one of the diets that have significantly gained attention in the last few years is the keto diet. The Keto diet is known to be a low carb, high-fat diet.

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According to consultant nutritionist Dr Rupali Dutta, “Keto diet helps you to consume less than 50 grams of carbs per day and it takes 2-3 days for the body to reach the state of ketosis.” So, if you are already on a keto diet or starting with one, today we bring you some easy keto breakfast recipes that you can make in no time and would love to gorge on these meals.

Here Are 7 Keto Breakfast Recipes | Keto Breakfast Recipes:

1. Keto Thepla

Theplas have always been considered a light meal to have. They are easy to make, and you can pair them up with curd, any sabzi or dal. While this popular Gujarati snack is usually made with wheat, the keto thepla is made of flaxseed dough and dried methi water. This low carb keto thepla will indeed become a go-to recipe for you. See the full recipe here.


Keto thepla is delicious to have

2. Keto Coconut Rice

Nothing feels more refreshing than having a piece of coconut or coconut water. The sweet and crunchy goodness of coconut is loaded with many benefits that can improve our health. So, if you have some leftover rice from yesterday, mix it with some yummy, shredded coconut to make this keto recipe. For the full recipe click, here.


This dish is a must try

3. Keto Poha

Poha is a very common breakfast around our country. Any region you go, a plate of some hot poha can easily be found. But if you want to make a keto poha, then you are in for a surprise as this special poha is made out of shredded cauliflower instead of flattened rice. Mixed with spices and veggies, this poha will surely become the next addition to your recipe list. Check the full recipe here.


Poha is a very common breakfast item

4. Keto Masala Omelette

The good old omelette has been a go-to breakfast recipe for ages. But this keto recipe is surely different from what you have eaten usually. Made out of heavy cream, cheddar cheese, red onions, sausage meat (optional), turmeric and some veggies, this recipe of masala omelette is surely worth drooling over. See the full recipe here.


Omelette is a common breakfast dish

5. Keto Bread

Bread has long been a staple breakfast. While on a diet, many people try to avoid eating bread as it may lead to weight gain but with this recipe of keto bread, you don’t have to worry about that. This bread is made out of eggs, almond flour and flaxseeds. This recipe is super healthy and tasty to have. For the full recipe, click here. 


This bread is easy to make

6. Keto Upma

Nothing gets easier than making a delicious plate full of vegetable upma. This upma is also made out of caulifower and then is slow cooked with vegetables and spices.

7. Keto Dahi Rice

Dahi rice is one of the most comforting dishes to eat. It is not only easy to make but also delicious to have. To make this low carb keto dahi rice, you would need to shred some cauliflower and cook it a bit so that it gets soft. Then mix it with dahi and enjoy!

Make these delcious and easy keto recipes and let us know how you liked them.

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