Kirti Kulharis Wholesome And Healthy Breakfast Is All You Need To Kick-Start Your Day; Take A Look


It is no secret that beginning your day with a nutritional meal sets the tone for the rest of the day. A healthy breakfast that is packed with essential nutrients ensures you have an energetic and productive day. And actress Kirti Kulhari surely grees with us on this! Recently, posting on her Instagram story, Kirti shared pictures of her yummy breakfast. She relished a glass of sunshine yellow mango banana smoothie with a masala omelette and ketchup. Her healthy and delicious breakfast left us craving for a thick and creamy smoothie packed with the goodness of fruits along with a protein-rich egg dish for breakfast too.

Kirti shared the picture of her refreshing fruit smoothie along with a caption and thanked the chef of a local cafe in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh.


Instagram story by Kirti Kulhari

In another post on Instagram Stories, Kirti gave us a glimpse of the tasty omelette that had a dollop of ketchup shaped like a heart. She captioned it, “Aww, this omelette took my heart away.”


Omelette in Kirti Kulhari’s story

If like us, Kirti’s yummy breakfast spread has left your tummy rumbling, we have a list of recipes for you to start your day with. Take a look:

1) Omelette In A Mug

This recipe is perfect for a quick one-pot breakfast, especially on days when you are pressed for time. Whisk an egg and your choice of ingredients into a mug and bake in a microwave or oven for a tasty treat.

2) Masala Omelette

A popular breakfast dish made using eggs whisked with fresh vegetables like tomatoes and onions. Cook on a hot pan with some butter and top with coriander leaves.


A popular breakfast dish made using eggs whisked with fresh vegetables

3) Cheese Onion Omelette

Add a cheesy twist to your regular omelette with this recipe. It takes just about 20 minutes to make and has the goodness of onion and parmesan. Garnish it with parsley and enjoy a filling breakfast.

4) Chicken Omelette With Sauteed Mushrooms

This healthy protein-rich breakfast is made with egg whites stuffed with succulent chicken and sweet and savoury mushrooms. This tasty and nutritious breakfast is perfect for all those conscious about their health.


5) Banana Oats Smoothie

This is the perfect breakfast smoothie that will boost your immunity. It’s loaded with the goodness of iron-rich bananas and spiced with turmeric and cinnamon. Its fresh and fruity flavours will be a treat for your taste buds.


This is the perfect breakfast smoothie

6) Almond Ginger And Custard Apple Smoothie

This refreshing drink is made with crunchy almonds, sweet custard apple and aromatic ginger. This smoothie is a filling and healthy breakfast beverage for sure.

7) Oat Milk Smoothie

It’s the perfect breakfast smoothie for those who do not like regular milk. This smoothie is made with unsweetened oat milk blended with peanut butter and ice.

hvomqb1oThis smoothie is made with unsweetened oat milk

Tell us what you thought of Kirti Kulhari’s delectable breakfast spread. Also, tell us which of these breakfast recipes did you enjoy making the most. Whichever recipe you choose from this list, we’re sure of one thing — it’ll tingle your tastebuds and wake you up.

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