Kitchen Hacks: How To Make The Perfect Boiled Egg? Twitter Guide May Help


Egg is probably the most versatile ingredient in the kitchen. From salads to curries, toasts to desserts – the humble egg is used in multiple ways in cooking. Boiled egg is also one such recipe which is quick and easy-to-make within a matter of minutes. Whether you have it raw or include it in another recipe, boiled egg is an evergreen and ubiquitous ingredient. Home chefs and cooks often scratch their heads about how long an egg should be boiled for various dishes. A Twitter user shared the ultimate guide for how to make the perfect boiled eggs. Take a look:

The photo was shared on Twitter by @Made0fmuscle, and was originally from a blog named Good Eggs. It received 2.5k likes and retweets since the time it was shared.

In the picture, there were four different kinds of eggs shown depending upon the time that was spent boiling them. At 6.5 minutes, there was the soft-boiled egg which was recommended for soups and noodles. The Jammy egg was made after boiling for 7 minutes, and said to be ideal for including in spring salads and even consuming raw with salt and pepper. At 8 minutes was the medium-boiled egg which could be made into an egg salad. And finally, came the hard-boiled egg which was recommended for making devilled eggs and sauces and dips.

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From salads to curries, boiled egg can be used in a number of ways.

The Twitter guide to make the perfect boiled egg was appreciated by users. Several also inquired about other boiled egg kitchen hacks which users may know of. In September 2020, we had come across an easy hack to peel a boiled egg with the help of a spoon. Wondering how it works? Click here to know more.

For some yummy boiled egg recipes that take less than 30 minutes to cook, click here. What did you think of the boiled egg guide by the Twitter user? Tell us in the comments below.

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