Little Girl Makes Unusual Request For Birthday Cake To Not Share It With Others


Little Leona had an unusual request for her third birthday: a Lion King-themed cake, particularly showing the moment from the popular movie when Mufasa dies after falling from a hill and his cub Simba looks at him from the hilltop. Leona’s uncle, Casey Feigh, said she wanted the special moment depicted on the cake because then “everyone will be too sad to eat” it and she could have all of it. Uncle Feigh shared images of the birthday cake on Twitter and it has gone viral. He also thanked The Thirsty Whale Bakery in Minneapolis, US, for making Leona’s wish come true. The tweet has got more than 706,000 likes and nearly 103,000 retweets. It carries the image of the customised cake, a feat for the Minneapolis-based bakery.

You can use some dressing to give your cake a thematic spin, like uncle Feigh has decided to give the cake for his birthday a 9/11 theme, so that he too doesn’t have to share it with others. Impressive idea little Leona has given him.

And a number of people seem to be agreeing with the reasoning and applauding her ingenuity.

Baking a cake could be a task. And with the lockdown in place in most areas, there’s no alternative to bake at home for the coming birthday celebrations. The feeling of relishing a recipe as delicious as a cake after hours of sweat and toil in the kitchen is something that is definitely going to enchant your senses and spread joy among children. There are various ways you can bake a cake at home, some shortcuts that you can try.

If you are among those who are a little particular about having the spongy cake layered with sweet, thick whipped cream and cherries, here’s the recipe for the Black Forest Gateau. And since this is the season of mangoes, you can also try the magical combination of the king of fruits with mascarpone cheese in Mango Meringue Cake.

What are your plans for the upcoming birthday? What theme are you going to try? Share in the comment section below.

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