Looking For Weight Loss Recipes? Try This Easy Pineapple And Carrot Poppy Salad


By now, we have tried multiple things for weight loss and management. Whether it is doing vigorous exercises, controlling calories or having detox teas, some or the other thing might have just worked for us. Being on the weight loss journey also means trying out recipes with a good amount of nutrients and are low in calories. And while finding such recipes, salads become a typical meal to have for weight loss. To add to your list of salads that would be helpful in weight loss, we bring you this easy pineapple and carrot poppy salad.

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Salads are good for weight loss

This salad is loaded with nutrients that could be helpful to you in weight loss. Pineapples are known to be rich in Vitamin C, contain diseases fighting oxidants, help in digestion and may boost immunity. Whereas carrots might help to improve eyesight, heart health, digestion and aids in constipation.

With the numerous benefits of pineapple and carrots, poppy seeds might just be a new addition to your diet. They are known to improve digestion, regulate blood pressure, are great for the eyes, and help with diabetes.

As the benefits of these three combines in one dish, pineapple, carrot and poppy salad is easy to make and could help you in a lot of ways.


Low-Carb Diet: Add carrots to your diet for a healthy boost

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Weight Loss: How To Make Pineapple And Carrot Poppy Salad

To make this salad for weight loss, you would need two carrots, some pieces of pineapple, a handful of dried cranberries, six-seven mint leaves, half a cup of fresh orange juice, two tablespoon Greek yoghurt, a pinch of turmeric, one tablespoon of poppy seeds, honey and lemon juice, half teaspoon salt and some roasted walnuts.

Firstly, thinly slice the carrots and pineapple and put them in a bowl. To this, also add cranberries and mint leaves. Then for the dressing, take orange juice, honey, greek yoghurt, turmeric, poppy seeds, lemon juice and salt. Mix these ingredients until all the flavours combine. Then pour this dressing on top of your salad with roasted walnuts. Mix it all and enjoy!

You can watch the full recipe of Pineapple And Carrot Poppy Salad here:

Make this salad and let us know how you liked it.

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