Love Cake? You Dont Wanna Miss These Korean Bento Cakes


Bento cakes? Mini cakes? Minimalist cakes? Call them what you want, but these adorable little cakes have taken the internet by storm. They are widely popular in South Korea and since the Hallyu wave is going strong in India, it is no surprise that many talented home chefs have picked up on this trend. Their dreamy colour palette makes them an aesthetic powerhouse and paired with the fact that they come snuggled in a lunch box, how do you bring yourself to cut into these beauties?

The term ‘Bento’ originates from Japan and literally translates to ‘convenient’ or ‘convenience’. In Japan, Bento boxes are generally referred to as a single portion meal that is either home-cooked or for takeaway.


Bento box is a one portion lunch boxes

They are packed with either rice or noodles as well as vegetables and meat. It is a super comprised meal that is designed to be eaten conveniently. Bento cakes were formed on the same lines, but they are a more delicate version of these bento boxes. While the boxes are jam-packed with meat and rice, the cakes are dainty and soft. The only thing they have in common is that both of them are extremely pleasing to the eye!

What Are Bento Cakes?

Bento cakes are mini cakes, not more than four inches in diameter and come nestled in a takeout box. They were first popularised by South Korea and are commonly found in almost all Korean cafes and bakeries. Apart from their petite size, they are known for their immaculate lettering that can be customised according to the occasion and their pastel whipped cream or buttercream that is piped to perfection, although even that can be customized. People in South Korea send these cakes as an expression of love, gratitude and even if they miss someone. The cake really is the solution to all our emotional turmoil!

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The trend has recently started picking up in India too, As it should! Bento cakes are useful for mini celebrations that do not warrant a full-size cake. Passing your online exams, for example! A lot of us cannot celebrate with our family and friends due to the ongoing pandemic. A bento cake saves the day again and bails you out from buying a full-size cake for a family of two. They make for some extremely delicious and aesthetically pleasing gifts too. Your friends and family would never see it coming and their heart would surely melt at the sight of these adorable treats.

Their small size even makes them a perfect dessert for one of those late-night cravings, especially for those who like to portion control their food. They are also ideal for baking beginners who wish to try their hand at cake baking but do not want to waste ingredients. It is the best experimental cake and its cute size will make up for any baking disasters.

From being an eye-candy to actually being better than candy, these bento cakes have it all. We suggest you get your hands on one or even better, try baking one!

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