Make Your Breakfast Interesting With These 7 Easy And Delicious Toast Recipes


Breakfast is undoubtedly the most important meal of the day, as it sets the tone and energy levels for the next 24 hours. There is something comforting and appealing about a plate of delicious warm toast to accompany your hot cup of morning tea or coffee. And while it is important to eat wholesome foods, it does not mean you need to compromise on taste. If you are like us and absolutely love toasts, we have a list of delicious and healthy recipes that will help you take your toast game up a notch, using ingredients ranging from almonds that are rich in Vitamin E to eggs that are a good source of protein. This list is curated especially to make your mornings brighter. 

7 Breakfast Toast Recipes:

1. Gypsy Toast 

Does the morning rush hour leave you hard-pressed for time? Well, then this recipe is just perfect for you. It is quick, easy and absolutely delicious. A healthy and balanced start to a busy day with the right amount of carbs, fats and protein. Check out the recipe here.


2. Almond And Sweet Potato Toast

What happens when you combine the nutty goodness of almonds and the delicious creaminess of sweet potato on bread? Absolute magic, or at least that is what this dish feels like! This divine combination with a tangy lemony twist is bound to make your breakfast super delicious. Follow the recipe here

3. Corn And Mushroom Tostada 

A tostada is traditionally made using corn tortillas as a base, however, this recipe is just as mouth-watering using bread. A Mexican twist on regular plain toast using sweet corn and earthy mushrooms with a dash of sour cream. Check the recipe here.

4. Grilled Cheese With Bacon, Tomato and Avocado  

Nothing says match made in heaven like bacon, avocados and tomatoes. Here is a simple yet mouth-watering recipe to help you add a delicious twist to your regular grilled cheese sandwich. Take a look at the recipe.

5. Mushroom And Paneer Toast

Craving an Indian touch to your morning toast? Here is a scrumptious recipe with an Indian twist made using soft creamy paneer and flavorful spices to add some desi tadka to your toast. Follow the recipe here.

6. Banana Foster French Toast

Looking for something delectable and guilt-free to indulge that sweet tooth? Then this recipe is just for you. A decadent and healthy twist on the classic French toast using bananas and plenty of nuts. Take a look at the simple recipe.

7. Sweet French Toast

Nothing can quite replace the comforting warmth and deliciousness of the classic French toast. It is simple, easy and let’s admit, a forever favourite! Check out the recipe here


French toast is a popular breakfast dish. 

Let us know which of these delicious recipes you enjoyed making and indulging in the most. 

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