Malaika Arora Kickstarts Weekend With Pizza: 5 Yummy Pizza Recipes To Try


Malaika Arora started her weekend on a pizzalicious note. The actress, in her Instagram Stories, shared a glimpse of the yummy treat that she consumed. No brownie points to guess that it was a delicious pizza. In the frame, we can see a box filled with four slices of cheese corn pizza.  It was garnished with edible basil leaves. We can also spot a packet of oregano near the box. Well, Malaika definitely had a perfect hot dish to relish during the monsoons and to kickstart the weekend. Take a look:


Pizza is one of the most loved delicacies of Italian cuisine. The best part is that you can prepare some delectable slices at home easily. In case you are not in a position to order a pizza from a restaurant, here are some of the easiest recipes listed for you. Try them today!

Here are 5 Delicious Pizza Recipes To Make At Home:

1. Veg Pizza

The most basic style of pizza is one of the most savoured versions of this globally favourite cuisine. This heavy cheese version can be made in 30 minutes with a splash of veggies and a cover of yummy toppings. You can also add mushrooms to this recipe.

2. Cheese Burst Pizza

There is no such thing as “too much cheese” when it comes to pizzas. As the name suggests, cheese burst pizza ignites a blast of flavours in your mouth. Decorate it with veggies, Italian herbs and sauces. The incredible blend of Mozzarella cheese and regular cheese spread gives it a heavenly taste.

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3. Uttapam Pizza

The popular South Indian delicacy gets an Italian makeover to give us this deadly delicious combination. The crispy Uttapam loaded with veggies is used as the Pizza base. It is topped with Italian spreads, sauces, herbs and cheese.

4. Aloo Pizza

Another Indian-style pizza that can make your day in minutes involves the good old potatoes. Desi foodies love to experiment with potato recipes and that makes this unique recipe worth a try. Grated potatoes, black pepper and cornflour make it for a crispy alternative.

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Rather than your usual crust, Aloo pizza uses a crust made with potatoes.

5. Paneer Naanza

There’s a reason why this scrumptious is termed as “Naanza.” You guessed it right. The Indo-Italian fusion has Indian bread called Naan as its base. It is laden with tomato gravy and topped with chunks of paneer.

Wear that kitchen apron and try these simple pizza recipes this weekend. Which one tickles your taste buds?

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