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NEW DELHI: Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia on Saturday shot off a four-page letter to lieutenant-governor Anil Baijal, asking him to stop holding meetings with Delhi government officials on subjects falling under the elected government’s jurisdiction. He said this has been happening for the past three months.
“I have come to know that you call officers for meetings, without informing the ministers, on subjects falling under the elected government’s jurisdiction and give them instructions. Later, officials from the lieutenant-governor’s office put pressure on the officials to implement the directions,” Sisodia wrote.
Sisodia: LG’s action against SC’s 2008 ruling, murder of democracy
He called the LG’s actions unconstitutional and against Supreme Court’s April 2018 ruling, adding it amounted to murder of democracy. He said he had done much contemplation before writing the letter and it was important for democracy and Constitution.
“If the Centre-appointed LG sidelines the elected government and takes decisions on all subjects, then the democracy which has been achieved after much struggle and sacrifice by our forefathers and freedom fighters will be destroyed,” he said, adding that it was against the vision of the freedom fighters.
“The Constitution makes it clear that barring three subjects (land, police and public order), you will work according to the decisions taken by the elected government on all subjects. Since Delhi is the national capital, the Constitution has given veto power to the LG that he can express a difference of opinion in case he disagrees with any decision of the elected government,” said Sisodia.
He, however, also pointed out that the Constitution Bench of Supreme Court had in its July 4, 2018 order stressed that the LG can use this power in extremely rare cases.
Sisodia’s letter contained two paragraphs from the SC judgement which stated that the LG has not been entrusted with any independent decision-making power. “The Constitution confers only two powers on the LG – either he agrees with the decision of the elected government or in case of disagreement he may refer the matter to the President. The SC has also stated that the LG has been given the power to refer to the President a disagreement only in very exceptional cases,” Sisodia stated.
He said that since the LG has been appointed by the BJPled Central Government, BJP functionaries might be putting pressure on him to work against the AAP government. “I want to remind you that you are the honourable LG of Delhi,” wrote Sisodia.
He said that Anil Baijal could become LG only because India is a democratic country and it gives equal opportunities to all, irrespective of caste and creed. “If democracy is destroyed, the coming generations will be deprived of this opportunity. Democracy has given you this position and power. Now, it is your duty to protect democracy and the future of the country,” he said.
“As LG, you have an opportunity and you can use it to do jobs which will leave a weaker democracy for the coming generations. History will remember you as a good person but one who weakened democracy. If you want, you can use your position to make democracy stronger. Then people will remember you as a person who strengthened democracy despite huge pressure from BJP,” Sisodia wrote in the letter, adding that the country would need a stronger democracy for a long period.
There was no reaction from the LG’s office.

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