Masaba Guptas Healthy And Nutritious Wrap Is A Must Have In Your Diet – See Pic


Masaba Gupta is on an inspiring journey towards fitness and good health. Making a lifestyle change can be tough, but Masaba leaves no stone unturned as she rides on the road to a clean and healthy lifestyle. From eating nutritious food to working out regularly, Masaba has been actively documenting her journey and sharing it with her followers. Leaving us drooling, the Masaba Masaba star posted a scrumptious picture of her weekend meal. It was a wrap made of spinach, flaxseeds, and chia seeds, stuffed with succulent chicken, crunchy and fresh lettuce, and oodles of spicy hot sauce.

We are sure the wrap tasted just as yummy and delish as it looked visually. Take a look at the picture. We must warn you beforehand, it will leave you drooling for sure.

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Masaba often gives us a glimpse into her indulgent weekend feasts. Previously, she enjoyed a hearty and wholesome home-cooked spread that included fried fish along with fish curry and rice. Masaba posted a picture of the fishy-feast on her Instagram Stories along with the caption, “Sunday special at Casa Gupta.” Read more about her delicious homemade sea-food meal here.

Masaba loves to jazz up her meals by indulging in different types of cuisines from various states across the country. In a post shared by her earlier, Masaba seemed to be relishing a yummy meal from Kerala. The traditional Kerala sadya included dishes like avail curry, ragi flour string hoppers, and tangy coconut milk, and raw mango vegetable curry all served on a banana leaf. Masaba posted a picture of the feast along with the caption on her Instagram Stories, where she wrote, “One of the many weekend meals. But this one takes the cake.” Click here to find out everything about the extravagant meal.

Everyone who is on a healthy diet is allowed one cheat meal or cheat day. It’s that one day or meal where they indulge in their favourite not-so-healthy food. Looks like Masaba is no different! Taking a quick detour from her regular nutritious food choices, she treated herself to a decadent sweet dish. Masaba posted a picture of an oh-so-yummy donut glazed with dark chocolate and white chocolate stripes. She shared the picture on Instagram Stories and captioned it, “This was so perfect.” And believe us when we say, it did indeed look perfect. Take a look here.

Tell us in the comments below what you think of Masaba Gupta’s food adventures.

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