Mouni Roy Spills The Beans On How To Win Her Over; Hint: There Is Food Involved


If you are Mouni Roy’s fan, you would know that she is an avid foodie. From traditional Indian delicacies to continental recipes, the actress is a connoisseur of all things tasty and we often get a glimpse of her penchant for food on her Instagram feed. For instance, how many actors do you know with a special highlight section on the photo-sharing platform exclusively dedicated to food? Well, Mouni has one and it is filled with images and videos of yummy dishes from around the world. Now, the actress has taken things one step further and confessed in a post that the trick to winning her heart also involves a fair share of food.

Along with a series of images that feature her digging into some yummy macarons, Mouni Roy wrote, “Ways to my heart — 1) get me food, 2) make me food, 3) be food.” She also added, “P.S: If dunno my love for food you don’t know me at all.” Well, she spoke like a true foodie, didn’t she? Take a look at the pictures she shared:

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Now, if you are a true food lover, you are bound to be thinking about the yummy macarons on Mouni Roy’s plate. And as always, we have got you covered. Macarons are meringue-based French desserts that are perfect as a tea-time snack or an after-meal dessert. Made with egg white, icing sugar, almond powder and food colouring, they are little mouthfuls of delight. It traditionally features ganache, flavoured buttercream and jam sandwiched between two cookies that will melt in your mouth.

If you want to prepare your own batch of yummy macarons we recommend that you try these simple and delicious recipes.

1) Matcha Tea Macarons 

Matcha is a popular pick among foodies now and this recipe is as trendy as it gets. The classic macaron recipe gets a contemporary twist with the matcha tea infusion. The Asian-inspired variation of the French dessert may take a little of your time but the result is worth all the effort.

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These colourful French delights can be made at home.

2) Cinnamon Pecan Macarons

With ground pecans, powdered sugar, vanilla seeds, cinnamon and beaten egg whites, this dish is a must-try. For those of you on a diet, this is a gluten-free version that is a perfect guilt-free treat.

3) Raspberry Macaron 

Another gluten-free version, this recipe adds the freshness of raspberries to macarons. Made with almond powder and a generous dose of cream cheese, this will be a favourite across age groups.

 Let us know which of these recipes you enjoyed the most by dropping a comment.

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